Weathering research
with Oxford University

Soils Limited have been assisting in ground-breaking research into Geoengineering being undertaken by Researchers at the University of Oxford.

Weathering of silicate and carbonate minerals on the land surface naturally stabilises the climate over thousands of years. Researchers at the University of Oxford, in the Department of Earth Sciences are working to understand these processes to investigate how climate may have changed in the past, and how it may change in the future.

Some researchers think that mining silicate rocks, grinding them to powder, and spreading them onto the land surface will accelerate weathering sufficiently to prevent climate change. This is a ‘negative emission technology’ that proposes to draw CO2 out of the atmosphere. However, the feasibility of some of these technologies is questionable, and considerably more research is required.

To assess the potential of enhanced weathering Scientists at the University of Oxford, using soil cores provided by SoilsLimited, are working to assess the potential of enhanced weathering. If feasible, this could form an important part of the solution to climate change.

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