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Blog Post #4 – Trainee Geo-Environmental Engineer Cian Flynn

Posted on 1st April 2022

I am a student from the University of Portsmouth studying for a BEng Engineering Geology and Geotechnics…

Following experience from my previous months at Soils Limited, my responsibilities have grown into becoming more involved in increasingly sophisticated projects.

One of these responsibilities is desk studies that are situated in Greater London – where the risk assessment requires an increasingly detailed account of potential contamination.  This is due to the region being dominated by high-density populated areas with various developed sites of extensive commercial and industrial provenances.

Additionally, from historic exposure, London was a key target for enemy bombing during WWII and so we could be findings UXOs. When this happens, you need to carry out a specialist UXO risk assessment to be undertaken prior to any proposed development.

I have also been given a couple of projects to complete independently with a senior engineer available to advise on the job. This begins with an introductory email outlining the parameters of the project e.g., intrusive investigation, following the scheduling of laboratory samples and receipt of results, finalized by a report to be sent to the client on the due date. This allows me to see a job from start to finish. I’ve also learnt the importance of clear communication between ourselves and the client.

In late February I took part in logging another rotary borehole job, comprised of two holes approaching 35m below ground level. The anticipated geology was Bagshot Formation, overlying the Claygate Member and finally the London Clay Formation.

By giving me more independence, and autonomy, Soils Limited has placed a certain amount of trust and confidence in me. Invaluable for my experience!