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Soils Limited contingencies for COVID-19

Posted on 17th March 2020

Soils Limited contingencies for the virus which causes COVID-19

Soils Limited management and staff have taken appropriate measures to ensure the continuity of business with respect to the virus which causes COVID-19.

All staff have received instructions on how to manage personal hygiene to reduce the risk both in and outside of work. We have also issued instructions of procedures to follow on developing symptoms of COVID-19, which include following government guidelines to self-isolate.

As part of our preparations we are asking all staff, suppliers and clients to generally restrict and limit face-to-face meetings with clients, suppliers and inter-company and utilise other means such as telephone/video conference. Our business continuity plan has been updated in line with our ISO9001 accreditation with respect to the virus which causes COVID-19.

As you are aware, we have physical office locations across the UK (and in Greece) therefore naturally limit the exposure of the company. We have now implemented our voluntary working from home policy for office based staff, site works continue for the time being. We have a number of suppliers for each discipline which reduces our exposure to failure of supply chain. We are therefore confident that your projects will not be impacted, we will of course update individual clients if the situation changes.

Our senior management team are continually monitoring both government advice and our business continuity and will update clients and suppliers if our position changes.

Should anyone have any queries regarding the above or any other matter then we would welcome your contact.

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