Brighton 360i

Soils Limited have been instrumental in the foundation design of the Brighton i360.

The British Airways i360 is a 183 metre tall observation tower at the landward end of the old West Pier in Brighton. Designed by Marks Barfield, the architects of the London Eye. The tower has a doughnut shaped elevating pod, weighing 60 tonnes, that rises up the tower, taking up to one hundred people at a time to around 150 metres above ground level.

Soils Limited was appointed by Jacobs to undertake a ground investigation by means of boreholes drilled with a cable percussion rig. Geology proved straightforward with a relatively uniform layer of recent Storm Beach Deposits overlying Newhaven Member of the Upper and Middle Chalk Formation.

The loading was complex consisting of both dead loads from the structure and live loads during operation, as well as complex wind loading dependent on the wind speed and direction and the position of the observation capsule. The foundation solution comprised a rigid reinforced concrete raft founded onto the Storm Beach Deposits.