Chyvelah Road, Threemilestone, Truro

The project comprised the construction of six two-storey, semi-detached three-bedroom houses and the construction of a commercial CO-OP building in the northern section of the site.

Client: Landmark Estates Limited

Site Investigation Value: £15000

Site Investigation Overview

Soils Limited undertook a phased site investigation from Phase 1 Desk Study through to Phase 4 Verification and Completion report. Regular liaison with all stakeholders was paramount, in order to satisfy contaminated land planning conditions. Recommendations for foundation design were also made.

The investigation included eight windowless sampler boreholes with adjacent dynamic probes at six locations, which were undertaken to establish the ground conditions and suitability for shallow foundations.

Three gas monitoring wells were installed following the review of historic maps, as part of the Preliminary Investigation Report, which identified a medium risk of soil gas. Subsequent monitoring visits and assessment established that gas protection measures were not required in accordance with BS8485 and NHBC guidance.

Two machine excavated trial pits were undertaken to allow for infiltration testing in accordance with BRE 365 to be carried out, in order to provide comment on the suitability of the ground conditions for the adoption of soakaways.

Soil chemical exceedances were identified during the site investigation. Additional machine excavated trial holes were excavated to target the proposed soft landscaped areas within the southern section of the site (private rear gardens). A remediation strategy report was prepared suitable to the conditions encountered and in conjunction with comment from the local authority.

Further site inspections were carried out to provide the client with a verification and closure report, providing evidence that the remedial works were carried out in line with the strategy agreed with the local authority.

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