Hunston Joinery

This long-established industrial site is scheduled for redevelopment as housing

Client: Hunston Joinery

Site Investigation Value: £1,000

Project Value: £1m

The preliminary investigation works determined the site use and site history from historical maps and private research including a site visit accompanied by the Client. This was to determine the potential for deleterious materials to have been created by historical work activities undertaken on and around the site. This data was then risk assessed to determine if there was a potential for such materials to be present and to affect or have affected the key receptors of human health, waters, environment and buildings / services.

What Soils brought to the table…

Using our extensive experience in site investigation and research, Soils successfully determined that the potential for deleterious materials to be present was low to negligible. That being said it was recommended that a discovery strategy should be in place during the works in case unknown materials were encountered.

Historical and site sources comprised:

– Landmark Envirocheck Report

– Private on-line research including ancient maps

– Consultation with local Council

– Risk Assessment

– Factual and Interpretive Reporting


Soils was able to prove that risks to and from the site and to the proposed development were low to negligible, thus obviating the need for further intrusive investigation.