Stoneham CCRC

The site is to be redeveloped as a care home with outlying sheltered residential properties arranged around a central administrative centre.

Client: Highwood Group

Site Investigation Value: £40,000

Project Value: £100m

The main works proposed and purpose of the contract was to undertake an intrusive ground investigation of the site to establish the ground conditions within potentially highly variable materials that could affect the development. This included determination of suitability of the natural geological strata as a founding strata for pad, piled or other bespoke foundation solutions and confirming, quantifying and identifying the presence and likely extent of potential contaminants given the site’s previous use as an agricultural and mixed small industrial area. 

What Soils brought to the table

Soils successfully supervised the joint site works which involved significant client engagement and dynamic variation as works progressed. Any potential sources or issues were identified and investigated and new information was discovered to update the conceptual and site models.

Site works comprised:

– Full site survey and drone mapping

– 4No Cable Percussive Boreholes

– 17No Windowless Sampler boreholes

– 11No Super Heavy Dynamic probes

– 23No Machine excavated trial pits

– 11No DCP TRL probes

– Stockpile Sampling

– Logging in accordance with BS5930:2015, BS10175:2011 and AGS Made Ground guidance

– Dual Purpose well installation 

– Soil Gas monitoring

– Groundwater Sampling and monitoring 

– Soil and Water Chemical Laboratory Analysis

– Geotechnical Laboratory Analysis

– Factual and Interpretive Reporting

Soils was able to complete site works on time and on schedule to the satisfaction of the client providing a complete overview of the site for use as the development continues and specific information and potential options appraisal of the various available solutions that present themselves for consideration on this highly variable site. 

Site Investigation