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Founded in 1982, Soils Limited is made up of qualified civil engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, and geochemists. All are able to draw on their extensive range of knowledge to offer cost-effective and practical solutions for their projects which are delivered on time and in budget.

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Keeping the country moving

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Geotechnical Consultancy

Helping you understand your site

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Contaminated Land & Groundwater

Keeping risk to a minimum

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Site Investigation

Set-up, planning and execution of an effective site investigation.

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Waste Management

Don't waste your time...

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Basement Impact Assessment

Basement developments are as popular as ever. Do you know the risks?

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EMF & GPR Utility Tracing

What's under your feet...

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Topographic Surveying

Devil is in the details

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UAV & Photography Survey

Getting a birdseye view

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CPTu Probing

What's in your soil?

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Cemetery Appraisals

Soils Limited can prepare a hydrogeological appraisal for the development and extension of cemeteries.

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Geotechnical Design

Laying the foundations

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Mining Reports

What lies beneath...

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CL:AIRE Code of Practice

With a CL:AIRE Code of Practice Materials Management Plan, waste becomes a valuable resource

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