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Contaminated Land & Groundwater

Keeping risk to a minimum

Not all land is “clean”. Contaminated land and groundwater is more frequent than we would all like.

Developing on contaminated land can be intimidating and often confusing. It requires a site-specific methodology using a phased and considered scientific approach. Often the jargon used in such methods is complicated. (Read our Technical Glossary)

Soils Limited ensures that everything is explained as clearly as possible, setting out its findings in a simple and concise manner. Afterall, we have the same goal; to ensure that any development presents no (or minimal) risk of harm to humans, waters, the environments or buildings.

The process is undertaken with reference to UK guidance and standards such as CLR11 and BS10175. Beginning with a Desk Study, where existing information about the site is collated and analysed, these findings are then incorporated into a conceptual site model and risk assessed to determine the potential for the site to cause harm.

If a potentially significant risk of harm is identified, an intrusive investigation should be designed and undertaken to determine the actual risk in both concentration and extent. If a risk is confirmed as potentially significant, additional investigation, analysis and remediation may be required, to mitigate the risks to an agreed level. Such works may also require validation and verification at the end of the process, to ensure they have been undertaken to agreed standards.

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Contaminated land groundwater