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EMF & GPR Utility Tracing

What's under your feet...

At Soils Limited, we operate an in-house survey team who use state-of the-art electromagnetic field detection and ground penetrating radar equipment to assist in the accurate detection and mapping of utilities. This is essential for protecting utility assets beneath your site, either in the Site Investigation of for the wider project redevelopment.

British Standards Institution PAS 128, Specification for underground utility detection, verification and location is the standard document which identifies services to a recognised level of accuracy. The level of accuracy is divided into “Types”, D through to A, with the level of accuracy increasing (Type A being the most accurate).

PAS128 survey Type D (Desktop utility records search)

Basic report identifying all known utility owners and their assets within the site boundary. It includes a list of affected and non-affected providers, plans, maps, and diagrams. PDF document deliverable.

PAS128 survey Type C (Site reconnaissance)

Accompanied by a Type D report, a Type C report includes a site reconnaissance to identify features that may indicate the presence of a service such as; manholes, covers, utility markers, street furniture or excavation scars. Information is overlaid onto an existing topographical survey or OS base plan.

PAS128 survey Type B (Detection)

Accompanied by a Type C report this survey is a non-penetrative survey conducted using at least 2 geophysical survey techniques. This is further sub-divided depending on the client’s requirement for post-processing and deliverables.

PAS128 survey Type A (Verification)

This is the absolute for utility detections and is based on physically identifying the utility.


For further clarification on the terms used above, please consult our Technical Glossary.