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Site Investigation

Set-up, planning and execution of an effective site investigation.

When it comes to site investigation, Soils Limited wants to give you options. Be it supplying the raw data to your designers or harnessing our expertise in interpretive reporting, it is important that you can pick what best suits your project and budget.

Whichever option you require we offer a full range of intrusive and non-intrusive site investigation techniques cumulating in a three-dimensional picture of the ground beneath your site.

No site is too difficult and we able to operate in the most un-accommodating spaces from low head-room areas, basements or through narrow doorways.

Collaboration and open dialogue is at the very centre of the process. From first contact with one of our engineers, we will establish the most appropriate method of investigation and advise accordingly, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. If a site visit is required, then we will act accordingly.

Our site investigation methods include and not limited to:

– Rotary Drilling – Open and Core

– Window/Windowless sampling

– Surveys – Ground penetrating and electromagnetic

– Continuous flight augering

– Hand dug trial pits

– Foundation exposures


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