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UAV & Photography Survey

Getting a birdseye view

Soils Limited use UAV/drones for photogrammetric surveying in both two and three dimensions, a service that is becoming ever more popular with our clients

Using this method, data gathering is reduced from days to minutes while repeat surveys can be taken and overlain to show changes in time. This can be used to give a BIM (Building Information Modelling) record of the construction phase. Structure from Motion SfM methods can measure stockpile volumes in minutes rather than hours with land survey.

Roof surveys require no physical access and even the most fragile flat roof is no problem. Still and video imagery is obtained and with SfM true to scale plans with areas and slopes are produced. The building surveyor can watch progress, and have it live-streamed to their desk or phone. They can direct the shooting to get the smallest detail. Thermal imagery can assess heat loss and leakage.  The entire process is cheaper than hiring an access platform.

Our geotechnical engineers use three-dimensional mapping for cliff stability inspections, removing the need for rope access and for contoured plans and cross-sections for slope stability analysis. Safer, innovative and ground-breaking.

See some of the CAD and BIM images we have gathered below and on our Instagram page.