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Waste Management

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Disposal of waste soil during development can be complicated.

Dig and dump is no longer a viable option with enforced regulatory sustainability and ever-increasing landfill tax. Therefore, competent advice, risk assessment and options appraisal is vital and must follow a scientific risk based methodology to comply with current law and guidance.

All waste – defined as anything you intend to discard – must be characterised and deemed suitable for use or disposal. Soil is no different in that sense from anything else in the CDM materials management plan. Re-use on-site, re-use off-site, remediation and even simple transport all require considerable thought before being undertaken, to avoid the development falling foul of the relevant legislation and guidance.

Waste characterisation is a legal requirement and should reflect the history of the site and must be determined using solid amounts of material. As such, a competent intrusive site investigation with appropriate analysis should already be able to provide exactly this information.

A WAC (Waste Acceptance Criteria) test is only ever useful if the material is going to landfill and the operator agrees that this is a suitable way to determine if they can take the material. A WAC test can never characterise a waste, but only ever helps determine what sort of landfill it may be suitable for disposal at.

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